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Only a few people are allowed to enter because this solitaire amongst the German castles is simply too small for crowds. A walk through Little Pheasant Castle therefore remains an exclusive pleasure just as it was in the past. Embedded, to the east of Moritzburg Castle in a gentle cultivated landscape, the prestigious castle built by the Dresden Court in 1770 is the only late Rococo castle remaining in Saxony.
Fasanenschlösschen, Luftaufnahme
© Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen; Foto: Jürgen Karpinski
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Little Pheasant Castle

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Under direction of architect Johann Daniel Schade the "New Palais", today's so-called "Little Pheasant Castle" was built in a pheasant garden from 1770-72. The dainty two-storey building in Chinoiserie style, with a square ground plan of 13.4 m by 13.4 m, offered enough space for all necessary short-term requirements needed for holding the court of the Elector and his wife.

The small living quarters were richly and elaborately decorated along thematic lines. The preferred embellishment was along the theme of ornithology. Throughout the course of the 19th and 20th century there were changes in furnishings and furniture. After World War II an ornithological exhibition was presented in the "Little Pheasant Castle". Restoration of the 18th/19th century interior is still in process.
Fasanenschlösschen Moritzburg
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Little Pheasant Castle
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