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Not all that far from the "pottery town" Kohren-Salis is Gnandstein Castle, one of the best preserved fortifications from Saxony's Romanesque period. The lords of Gnandstein castle came from an old Meissen family of nobles, the Einsiedel Family. They owned and lived in Gnandstein Castle for more than 500 years.
Burg Gnandstein, Luftaufnahme
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Gnandstein Castle

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In the period of conflict between the Meissen margraves and the German King, Wettin ministers constructed fortifications above the valley of the Wyhra river around 1200. Its architectural appearance was to undergo complimentary changes under the Gnandstein Family and from 1435 until the 16th century under the Einsiedel Family.

Curtain wall, hall, bailey and "Bergfried" (tall tower) from the 13th century, as well as two residential wings and the castle chapel from the 15th/16th century, characterize the decisive construction phases which have significantly shaped the castle's appearance until today.

In 1932, Hanns of Einsiedel opened a museum where selected exhibits of the family history were presented. Especially valuable in terms of art history are three Gothic altars in the castle chapel, created in the workshop of Peter Breuer from 1501 to 1503. Since 1947 Gnandstein Castle is a museum and exhibits, among other things, the style of living of the lower nobility in the Leipzig District.
Burg Gnandstein
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Gnandstein Castle
Burgstraße 3
04655 Kohren-Sahlis
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