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The museological concept encompassed the problem of harmonizing the spatial organization and shaping the new permanent museal exhibition in the Palace with the complex requirements of showing the restoration finds.
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Ilok Town Museum
Šetalište oca Mladena Barbarića 5
32236 Ilok

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This concept was successfully implemented with meticulous details, while at the same time there is marked stylistic uniformity of individual rooms or parts of the Palace’s body.

Interchanging the room cells containing diverse museological themes (demarcated by dramatic interruptions of the development continuity)has made it possible for an interweaving of intense separation versus emphasis on perpetuation of periods. For those reasons, occasionally a lack of practicable space organization is visible, but the presentation quality regarding the overall experience of the content units and their context are much more important. A meticulously completed restructuring of museological themes in exhibitions blocks and smaller exhibition content units contributed to solving such problems of the display’s spatial organisation.

Within exhibition blocks, a simple and absolutely clear presentation line – i.e. the line along which the visitors move ahead, a circular route – has been incorporated. The design concept of the Museum’s new permanent display is based on a combination of classical and multimedia presentation techniques. Thus, along with the classical display of an original museum artefact, modern methods of its activation were used – either in the form of pictorial or other information equipment (billboards, reconstructions, computer animations, models, stagings, background sounds or piped-in music etc.).

As for the colouring, the method of applying separation of certain exhibited groups of artefacts by combining the colour of the exhibited artefacts for the display and coloured built-in lighting (colour-filters) was used. The colour choice is linked with associations which a certain museology theme or exhibitory unit evokes. Although Ilok has gone through a dramatically interrupted cultural-historical and spiritual development, it nevertheless managed to preserve the sequence of the European stylistic development. This is also confirmed by the chosen museal artefacts within the articulation of exhibition blocks, exhibition units and the sequence of museological topics.

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