Our Polish Neighbours

03.04.2012 - 11.11.2012

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You come across Polish people everywhere in the Netherlands. This exhibition is all about these people and their history.
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Stadhouderslaan 37
2517 HV Haga
Ţările de Jos 

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You come across Polish people everywhere in the Netherlands: not just in horticulture, glasshouse construction and the building industry, but also in universities, commerce and the art world.

Poles have been coming to the Netherlands ever since the early twentieth century. First to work in the mines in Limburg. After World War II, many of the Poles who helped to liberate the Netherlands stayed on. During the Communist period, many Poles sought refuge here and these days the glasshouses in the Westland provide work for thousands.
Adults 6,00 EUR / Concessions available
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