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The largest exhibit can be found on the Neckar river, anchored directly beneath the Kurpfalz bridge. The historic paddle steamer, which was once a splendid Rhine pleasure for 2,500 passengers, is an exhibit and exhibition location at the same time.
Mit Experimenten den Naturraum Neckar entdecken / Discovering the natural environment

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Museum ship Mannheim
Neckarvorlandstraße 2a

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TECHNOSEUM - Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit in Mannheim

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Visitors can take a journey through the history of inland navigation and learn about rescue diving and pastoral care on water. On guided tours, you can also see the steam engine and paddles in action.

There are plenty of experiments on the ship to get children and young people interested in discovering the Neckar´s open spaces. Games and experiments include taking water samples from the river, examining them under a microscope and checking the Neckar´s water quality. Workshops and children´s birthdays can also be held on board.
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