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Styrian agriculture still feels the beneficial effects of Archduke Johann’s passion for technology. The past, present and future of farming are excitingly presented by means of historic objects and current discoveries on the subject of food.
Schloss Stainz
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Agriculture Museum Schloss Stainz

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Agricultural products seem to be taken for granted these days, featuring in many guises in our everyday culture and Austria's touristic profile as a "land of enjoyment". However, agriculture produces not only foodstuffs but also raw materials for industry and generating energy. Many modern forms of processing look back on a long history of development. Where hi-tech machines are used these days, originally very simple appliances were employed.

The new Agriculture Museum explores these traditions. It not only shows historic objects, but also uses modern media for an informative and modern presentation of issues of present-day and future concern. The new display is closely co-ordinated – in both content and design – with Schloss Stainz’s Hunting Museum, which has aroused great interest among visitors since it was opened in 2006. The agricultural collection is an exciting and inter-active investigation of aspects of agricultural activity, putting historical connections in a new perspective and highlighting links with our own day.
Stainz Castle
Stainz Castle was founded as an Augustine monastery in 1229. In 1840 Archduke Johann bought the Stainz estate.
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Stainz Castle
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