Sabine Hornig - Through the window

27.11.2011 - 26.02.2012


The photographic and sculptural work of Sabine Hornig stands at the crossroads between photography, sculpture and installation. The focus of this, her first monographic museum show in Germany, is on her photographic work. At the heart of the show is a selection from the Fenster (Windows) series, which comprises some 40 works, created in Berlin.
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Pinakothek der Moderne
Barer Straße 40
80333 Munique


Pinakothek der Moderne

Em pormenor

Keeping the relationship between image and space, and between mimesis and reality in a perpetual and intricate balancing act, her work, both independent and unconventional at once, helps shape our understanding of photography as a contemporary art form.

In a precise, detailed visual language, Hornig unites the multi-layered visual fabric, made up of views, both direct and partially hidden, and reflections on a single pictorial plane and evokes surprising and innovative ideas relating to the tensions between pictorial and `real space, through the example of the urban sphere and how we perceive it.

An exhibition of the Sammlung Moderne Kunst
Pinakothek der Moderne: Gallery 30
Alte Pinakothek: Upper floor Gallery 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22
10,00 / 7,00 EUR ; Sonntag / Sunday: 1,00 EUR
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