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 Comments concerning the recommendation given at the 2nd Review meeting

Review recommenations MS_II (English) Recommendations from Review meeting from Milestone II (PDF)

 Project Descriptions

The project descriptions are available in Englisch, Italian and German language and offer a short summary about the project, its aims and the partners.

Projektbeschreibung (Deutsch) Projektbeschreibung - Deutsche Fassung (PDF)

Projectdescription (English) Project description - English version (PDF)

Descrizione del progetto (Italiano) Descrizione del progetto - Italiano (PDF)

 Presentations about the and project

Please find the general Powerpoint Presentations about as well as special presentations held on conferences in this section

Powerpoint Präsentation MAI-Tagung (25.05.2008) (Deutsch) - Präsentation von der MAI-Tagung (25.05.2008) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation CEN-Workshop/DIN-Institut (23.06.2008) (English) - Presentation at the CEN-Workshop/DIN-Institut (23.06.2008) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation MinervaEC-Tagung (25.09.2008) (Deutsch) - Präsentation MinervaEC-Tagung (25.09.2008) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation Herbsttagung Deutscher Museumsbund (08.10.2008) (Deutsch) - Präsentation Herbsttagung Deutscher Museumsbund (08.10.2008) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation Virtual Systems and Multimedia - Conference Cyprus (24.10.2008) (English) - Presentation at the Virtual Systems and Multimedia - Conference, Cyprus (24.10.2008) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation MAP for ID - Meeting (24.10.2008) (English) - Presentation at MAP for ID - Meeting (24.10.2008) (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation WIK (21.10.2008) (Deutsch) - Präsentation WIK (21.10.2008) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation at NEMO - Annual Meeting, Ljubljana (25.11.2008) (English) - Presentation at the NEMO - Annual Meeting, Ljubljana (25.11.2008) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation euromuse-workshop, Rimini (19.12.2008) (Italian) - euromuse-workshop, Rimini (19.12.2008) (Italian) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation Helsinki (06.01.2009) (English) - Helsinki (06.01.2009) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation euromuse-workshop, Bologna (19.01.2009) (English) - euromuse-workshop, Bologna (19.01.2009) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation euromuse-workshop Harmonise, Bologna (19.01.2009) (English) - euromuse-workshopHarmonise, Bologna (19.01.2009) (English) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation MAI-Tagung euromuse allgemein (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) - MAI-Tagung euromuse allgemein (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation MAI-Tagung euromuse backend (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) - MAI-Tagung euromuse backend (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation MAI-Tagung euromuse harmonise (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) - MAI-Tagung euromuse harmonise (27.05.2009) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint Presentation LMB-Sitzung (01.07.2009) (Deutsch) - LMB-Sitzung (01.07.2009) (Deutsch) (PPT)

Powerpoint-Presentation (English) - Powerpoint Presentation - ENGLISH LANGUAGE (PPT)

Powerpoint Präsentation (Deutsch) - Powerpoint Präsentation - DEUTSCHSPRACHIG (PPT)

Powerpoint (Italiano) - Powerpoint - ITALIANO (PPT)

 Project Deliverables

All the Deliverables are stored here and will be upgraded continuously

WP1 - Project Management

D1.1_Project_Plan (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D1.1_Project_Plan_Annex (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D1.2_Evaluation_Plan_V1.0 (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D1.3.1_Bi-Annual_Management_Report - 2008/1 (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D1.3.2_Bi-Annual_Management_Report - 2008/2 (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D1.3.3_Bi-AnnualManagementReport (PDF) (Release: mid of MS3)

D1.3.4_Bi-AnnualManagementReport (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D1.3.5_Bi-AnnualManagementReport (PDF) (Release: mid of MS4)

D1.3.6_Bi-AnnualManagementReport (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

D1.4.1_Periodic_Progress_Report_-_Milestone_I (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D1.4.2_Periodic_Progress_Report_-_Milestone_II (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D1.4.3_PeriodicProgressReport_-_Milestone_III (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D1.4.3_PeriodicProgressReport_-_Milestone_III (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D1.4.4_PeriodicProgressReport_-_Milestone_IV (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

D1.5_FinalProjectReport - Public version (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

D1.5_FinalProjectReport - Confidential version - password protected - (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

WP2 - Technical Adaptations

D2.1 Final platform - Please follow the link to visit the final platform: (Release: end of MS1)

D2.2_Harmonisation_Interoperability_Standards (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

WP3 - Dissemination

D3.1_eTen_euromuse_Project_Website (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D3.2_Dissemination_Strategy_V1.0 (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D3.3_Trans-European_Dimension_V1.0 (PDF) (Release: end of MS1)

D3.4_Promotional Material (Internal Link) (Release: end of MS1)

D3.5_First_Training_Workshop (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D3.5_Annex1 - Article about at NEMO-News 2008 (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D3.5_Annex2 - Articulo Museoinforma (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D3.5_Annex3 - Leaflet effetto doppler (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D3.5_Annex4 - Poster Manifesto MA Tracciati (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D3.6 Second project workshop (PDF incl. Annexes I - VI) (Release: end of MS3)

D3.6 Annex VII - NEMONews_1_09 - page 9 (PDF)

D3.6 Annex VIII - OKV magazine, 11th of November, 2009 (PDF)

D3.6 Annex IX - Programma Festival Mondo Antico (PDF)

D3.6 Annex X - Musei e turismo dialogo fra turismo e cultura - Convegno Trento Angela e Orietta (PDF)

D3.7 Third Project Workshop In A Participating Country (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

WP4 - Deployment

D4.1_First_Results_of_Deployment (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D4.2 Impact of Deployment Activities (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D4.5 Interim Report on Deployment Activities in Belgium and Finland (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D4.3 Final Results Of Deployment Activities (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

D4.4 Full Deployment Plan (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)

WP5 - Stakeholder support / Documentation / Expanding the service

D5.1_Training Material.pdf (Release: end of MS2)

D5.1 - - User Manual - English (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D5.1 - - User Manual - German (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D5.1 - - User Manual - Italian (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D5.1 - - Harmonise Handbook - English (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

D5.2 Analysis of Impact of Training Activities.pdf (Release: mid of MS4)

WP6 - Sustainability

D6.1 First Version of Lobbying Material (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D6.2 First Results from Investigations to reach Sustainability (PDF) (Release: end of MS3)

D6.3 Analysis Of The Legal Alternatives (PDF) (Release: end of MS4)


All the Documents concerned with Sustainability Issues are stored here

Sustainability Concept - Sustainability Concept - Executive Summary and Table of Contents (Stand and submission date: 30-04-2010) (PDF) - SustainabilityConcept - Version_1 - confidential (Stand and submission date: 30-06-2010) (PDF)

Sustainability Concept - Version_1 - Annex I (PDF) (Release: end of MS2)

Sustainability Concept - Version_1 - Annex II (PDF) (Release: end of MS2) - Benchmarking evaluation - Competitors & Other services - confidential (PDF) - Feedback by the reviewers - July 2010 - confidential (PDF) - Sustainability Concept (Stand: 2011-02-11)(PDF) - Sustainability Concept (Stand: 2011-02-14)(DOC) - Sustainability Concept WORKING DOCUMENT (Stand: 2010-07-06)(DOC)

Sustainability - Surveys

Please find the surveys conducted in the target groups of published here. Some surveys have been classified "confidential" and are password protected. - Survey 1 Evaluation - Museums - May 2010 (PDF) - confidential - Survey 2 Evaluation - Tourism Operators - December 2010 (PDF) - confidential - Survey 3 Evaluation - Museums - May 2010 (PDF) - Survey 4 Evaluation - Website users - January 2011 (PDF)


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