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This is the website of the eTEN-funded project EUROMUSE is a public access Internet portal linker2 (1K) ( giving accurate information on major exhibitions in European museums. It provides all vital information in one place, updated by the host museum; with you will never again be bogged down in proliferating individual websites and search engines. Each museum's information is available in the native language and in English. Updating of is continuous.

The - project will deploy the existing service, which provides multilingual information about temporary exhibitions and museums as well as other museum resources, to develop a wider pan-European data-collection based on public sector information to be re-used by different actors in the cultural and tourism fields. The project aims at three main goals:

1. Improve and increase the existing service, a website offering museum and exhibition information to the general public for free.

2. Integrate the museums' information of the database with the Harmonise tools. Through this integration’s rich content will affiliate with the online offers of other European and national tourism and marketing services for culture.

3. Enhance the existing services to integrate information on scientific publications from museums and to expand the current services, which provide an overview of “virtual” museums and their (online) resources.

As of 11.07.2011

Current exhibitions

Bonn: A Love-Need-Hate Relationship. The Germans and their Cars | Haus der Geschichte

[10.03.2017 - 21.01.2018] Nothing moves Germans like their cars. The motor vehicle is the most important form of transport, yet also touches people?s feelings: it stands for freedom and dynamism, for status, lifestyle and power. The exhibition explores the social and cultural significance of the automobile in Germany.


Munich: GLOBALLY PRECARIOUS. Forced Migration, Trauma and Remembrance in Contemporary Photography | Pinakothek der Moderne

[10.02.2017 - 01.10.2017] Documenting political and social conflicts has always been one of the central tasks of photography. This newly arranged presentation of works from our collections focuses on the way that artists tackle the topics of war, displacement and forced migration.


The Hague: Move & Play | Museon

[02.04.2017 - 03.09.2017] This exhibition won?t just get you moving. It will make you want to kick, jump, shout, and dance about!



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