Napoleon’s Wars. Louis François Lejeune, general and painter

14.02.2012 - 13.05.2012

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A war reporter of times past, Louis-François Lejeune, both Napoleonic general and painter, experienced the great campaigns at the Emperor’s side. Along the route of the exhibition, the visitor will be able to relive twelve of these legendary battles represented by this multifaceted soldier. Thanks to the topological measurements and many observations left by Louis-François Lejeune, visitors can also discover the construction of a historical picture.
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Château de Versailles
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Musée et domaine national des Châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon

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The soldier, spy, painter and diplomat Louis François Lejeune (1775 - 1848) is a unique figure in the history of his time: as a soldier, he fought in all the wars of the Revolution and the Empire before reaching the rank of brigade general. But that was not enough for him: during his military career he painted the principal battles in a dozen paintings, then described the Napoleonic campaigns at length in his Souvenirs.

The exhibition is designed to do justice to this colourful artist. It presents his drawings and his paintings in the context of the artists of his time, as well as his personal memories of military and civilian life during the Empire, the Restoration and the July Monarchy.

Six sections present his production of battle paintings, from his observation of the theatre of operations until their exhibition in the Parisian salons. Through the life and works of Louis François Lejeune, the visitor discovers an eyewitness account of the wars of Napoleon.

Africa and Crimea rooms
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