Jubilee Exhibition150 Years Gustav Klimt - 150 Years Gustav Klimt

13.07.2012 - 27.01.2013

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Owning the largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt worldwide, the Belvedere is preparing a very special presentation for this anniversary year. The Jubilee exhibition: 150 Years Gustav Klimt on the Upper Belvedere’s piano nobile will display all of the artist’s paintings preserved in the museum in an extraordinary fashion.
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Upper Belvedere
Prinz Eugen-Straße 27
1030 Wiedeń



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Unlike most exhibitions of recent years, it will not deal with stylistic relationships or art historical contexts, but will concentrate on the individual works as such – on the message each of these masterpieces conveys to the spectator. 
This anniversary practically invites us to look at each single year, even beyond Klimt’s lifetime. A further focus of the exhibition will thus be on the hitherto neglected history of the reception of Klimt’s work and personality.
Over these 150 years, Klimt has become a phenomenon not only in art theory, but also in contemporary history. The interdisciplinary approach and the selection of the objects, as well as the show’s graphic and multimedia format, will certainly contribute to transmitting to the spectator Klimt’s art and its consequences on an entirely new level of understanding.
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Standard: 12,50 EUR
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