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Interactive science-center installed in an 18th-century setting with physics and mathematics hands-on exhibit, a Planetarium and an astronomical Observatory with optical telescopes and a Radiotelescope.
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Opened in 2004, the "Museo del Balì" is a science-center designed according to the San Francisco Exploratorium tradition and is hosted in a wonderful XVIII century villa, restored at the end of nineties.

The ground floor hall hosts an exhibition with interactive stations that must be experienced by the visitor himself, so that the museum is in line with modern international science-centers, according to “hands-on” philosophy in science communication. Observing, touching, thinking: this is the way of moving in a knowledge path that starting from perception principles, leads to investigate the nature with exhibits about physics and mathematics. Thanks to the presence of a planetarium and of an observatory, the “Museo del Balì” has a strong astronomical footprint, supplementing the range of covered disciplines, thus becoming an even more peculiar structure nationwide.

The permanent exhibition, grouped in various halls, provides a knowledge path through the disciplines: perception halls, with optical and sensory illusions as fusion of faces, the impossible triangle, impossible reading, unparallel parallel lines, the distorted room, a mirror on the moon, the impassable path, the disobedient hand, the giant kaleidoscope, the anti-gravity mirror, the mirage and other exhibits explaining the behaviour of the eye and the ear. The hall devoted to physics has exhibits about light: colour your shadow, studying light, the giant lens; about waves: soap frames, sound mirrors, spectrums in the house, the silence of vacuum, the giant spring; about mechanics: the skater’s secret, spools going downwards, falling uphill, the power of rotation, Newton’s pendulums, speed race, the Foucault’s pendulum, the gravitational funnel; on electromagnetism: compass rings, the Earth is a magnet. The hall dedicated to mathematics has exhibits about the Pythagorean and Euclidean theorems, statistics, Gauss distribution and chaos theory.

A big hall at first floor hosts the optical planetarium with 46 seats, dedicated to Giuseppe Occhialini, father of high energy astrophysics, born in the nearby town of Fossombrone, allowing sky observation beneath a 8 meters diameter dome. Charming guided shows allow to taste the beauties of a starry night travelling through stars, constellations and planets. Moreover thematic shows are used to deepen the knowledge on modern astronomy and astrophysics, to range over the fields of history and literature.

In the Villa’s park, on the left side, there is the astronomical observatory, allowing the direct observation of the main night sky objects and of the Sun. The modern observatory equipment consists of a main telescope (Ritchey-Chrétien model with a 40 cm diameter), used for observing faint objects; a 18 cm reflector dedicated to planets observation; a 12 cm refractor for bright objects observation; a sun telescope with interferential filter H-alpha; a sun telescope with interferential filter Ca-K; a self-tracking 30 cm diameter Dobson; an astronomical binocular 20x80 with. In May 2013 a radio-telescope has been installed next to the observatory, for exploring the sky even outside the optical range.

Thanks to its equipment the Museo del Balì” offers both teaching activities for schools, and curiosity and deepening moments for general audience, as special observations of the sky. Special attention is given to families with events, openings and special prices dedicated to them. The mission is in fact motivating, exciting, amazing, amusing and at the same time let the visitor/student think about, so to change him, to give him a new knowledge and a new attitude to science.
Villa del Balì
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Villa del Balì
Località San Martino
61030 Saltara
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15:00 - 19:30
July - August opening Sundays from 18:30 to 23:30

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