05.05.2012 - 28.10.2012

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The exhibition gives us a glimpse into the daily lives of seven people who are very much influenced by their fascination for and the aesthetic of comics. The acclaimed illustrator Marko Djurdjevic, the awarded graphic novel author Ulli Lust, publisher Dirk Rehm, gallery owner Carsten Laqua, collector René Köhler, manga enthusiast Nicole Schubinski and comic researcher Professor Dietrich Grünewald, are all united through the same passion.
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Dahlem Museums
Lansstraße 8
14195 Berlijn

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Their personal approaches to different comic styles are introduced in the various stations of the exhibition, which take the visitor on a journey to discover the world of super heroes, of Mickey Mouse and Pogo. We learn about the graphic novel, the alternative independent comic, Japanese manga and the associated cosplay scenes. They introduce us to the GDR comic mosaic and early forms of comic strips as well as classic comics such as pictorial broadsheets and the American newspaper strips. The latest development in comics - the webcomic permanently accessible online - is also presented. The exhibition looks at all stages of a comic - from the first sketch to the published book or booklet that then finds its way to the shelves of shops or collectors.

An exciting programme with readings from comics, talks and live drawing sessions complements the broad spectrum of the exhibition and encourages visitors to discover the impressive range of European comics beyond the boundaries of the exhibition.

The exhibition is held in cooperation with the Institut für Europäische Ethnologie der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Masters course Stage Design and Spatial Composition at the Technische Universität Berlin, and the international literature festival berlin.
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