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The part of the Hofburg (the former Imperial Palace) known as ‘Neue Burg’ houses various collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum: the Collection of Arms and Armour; the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments; and the Ephesos Museum.
Haupteingang der Neuen Burg in Wien.
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Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Neue Burg

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At almost the same time that the museums were being built, construction was begun in 1881 on the large, semicircular wing of the Imperial Palace, the Hofburg. Designed by Gottfried Semper, the building was constructed under the supervision of Karl von Hasenauer and later Emil von Förster, Friedrich Ohmann and Ludwig Baumann. Construction continued until the First World War and has never been completed.

Since 1908 the building known as the Neue Burg has housed various collections, the first being items collected during a world tour by the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Francis Ferdinand. After his assassination in 1914, it became part of the imperial collections as the 'Este Collection'. Gradually more and more collections of the Kunsthistorische Museum were moved to the Neue Burg. Since 1935 the Collection of Arms and Armour (Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer, formerly the Weapons Collection) has been housed in the main building and since 1947 the collection of Ancient Musical Instruments. In 1978 the Ephesus Museum was installed in the magnificent stair-well.
Neue Burg
Three exceptional collections and the archive of the Kunsthistorisches Museum are located in the Neue Burg on Heldenplatz: The Collection of Arms and Armour, the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments and the Ephesus Museum.

The Museum of Ethnology in Vienna is one of the most significant ethnological museums in the world. The museum finds its venue also in the Neue Burg

Not only the collections – also the building itself with its remarkable architecture makes a visit worthwhile. The monumental wing of the Vienna Hofburg was not originally planned as a museum, but was to house the new living quarters of the emperor.  No cost was spared in the decoration of the interior – still evidenced today by the gigantic stairway and the magnificent marble hall.
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