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Hunting in style - Austria's largest hunting museum is far more than a display of trophies. Historic objects relating to the history of hunting, nature lore to listen to, touch and think about, plus a choice of works of art and
craft exhibits will fascinate not just field-sports buffs.
Schloss Stainz
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Hunting Museum Schloss Stainz

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In several stages of construction an exhibition area of 1200sq.meters was created, new depots built, the box-office and shop areas redesigned, and the administration area revitalised at Stainz Castle, that was built in 1695 and acquired by Archduke John in 1840.

The innovative presentation not only fits in consummately with the historical setting of Stainz Castle, it also spotlights the long standing tradition of hunting in Styria, particularly the founder of the Joanneum, Archduke John, who was known as a passionate hunter and whose heirs now run Stainz Castle as a modern enterprise. In addition to the permanent new display collection, Stainz Museum of Hunting would like to be a centre of competence for matters of hunting: along with future temporary presentations on this subject, specialists and interested visitors will also be able to take advantage of a study collection, educational and seminar offers, a specialised library and contemporary information media.
Stainz Castle
Stainz Castle was founded as an Augustine monastery in 1229. In 1840 Archduke Johann bought the Stainz estate.
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Stainz Castle
Schlossplatz 1
8510 Stainz

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10:00 - 17:00
Opening hours from March - October
November - February the Castle is closed to the public. - Il portale delle mostre per l’Europa