Kriebstein Castle


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Raftsmen used to cross themselves when they reached the steep rock of Kriebstein Castle, from here on the Zschopau River was reasonably tame and the countryside safe, at least in times of peace. The steepest road in Saxony now leads up to the late Gothic jewel.
Blick auf Burg Kriebstein von Osten
© Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen; Foto: Frank Höhler

Kriebstein Castle

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Situated on a rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Zschopau river, Kriebstein Castle impresses, among other things, with its rich decoration of rooms and its use of late-Gothic paintings.

The so-called "Kriebstein Room" is considered a highlight of the castle. It is a uniquely preserved, painted panelled post and beam room from the first half of the 15th century, located in the castle’s tower house, a building of the late 14th century. Its construction probably coincides with its first mention in 1384 as a fiefdom of the Meissen margraves. The chapel wing and Gothic hall were completed by 1407. The owner Hugold of Schleinitz commissioned master builder Arnold of Westfalen in 1471 to direct different rebuilding and extension measures. From the mid-15th century until 1825 the owners changed frequently. Between 1825 and 1945 the Arnim Family owned the castle and lands. In the 19th century, extensive changes along a historic theme took place. Corresponding to the character of the castle they were carried out in the neo-Gothic style.

Parts of the castle were already a museum in 1930 and, in 1949, the remainder was also made into a museum showing the epochs of the lower nobility’s living style.
Burg Kriebstein
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Kriebstein Castle
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