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Exhibition which, in scientific and expert level, represents material originated in the field of media.
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"20th Century Media" is the result of three years research on ways and possibilities to organize and present specific material that was in Zenica City Museum. The idea is to, for the first time in the history of modern Bosnia and Herzegovina museography, set a collection that would, in scientific and expert level, inherit material originated in the field of media.
Traditional media are certainly pictures, radio, comic, poster, film, the press. Although new media contain elements that characterize the traditional mass media, our disposition to the concept of the collection will not change.
Namely, the emergence of new media and technological advances, stipulate limiting of interest for exhibits acceptable as illustrators of mass media development.
Austrian salon-camera can not be found in everyday use, neither radio "Kosmaj", and in danger of complete oblivion are also gramophones, video recorders, video tapes, records, audio tapes, etc. World grabs steps of seven miles to meet Homo Technicus, and these devices, which started a revolution in communication, are also on the brink of extinction, so we must classify them as protected species. This is what Zenica City Museum does.
Children up to 15 years and retired: 0,50 EUR,
People over 15 years: 1,00 EUR, War veterans and people with special needs: Free entrance


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