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The Museum, among other objects of the rural tradition of Romagna, holds and exhibits the most representative of 130 caveje, which cover a period from the sixteenth century to the 1950s.
Caveja a due anelli a motivi floreali con cimosa a tre punte (difesa magico-religiosa)
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Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente di Romagna
Via Montevecchi, 41
47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna


MET – Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente di Romagna

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The smith forged caveja beating hot iron. To obtain a caveja with musical rings it was necessary to have a steel that solders easily, that doesn't fuse, doesn't crack under the strokes of hammer and that withstands an high temperature manteining its hardness.

Caveja had the duty to block the yoke, led by two cows, at the helm of wagons, plows, harrows, with braking function (avoided skidding forward of the helm); "caviotto" had the duty to block the yoke and the helm of towing (avoided skidding backwords of the helm).

It also had a simbolic and ritual function. By tradition, with caveja could predict the sex of unborn baby, calm the storms, defend the newlyweds, fight the spells.

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