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After the Bytča estate had changed several keepers, in 1563 it was transferred to the powerful Thurzo family. The President of the Royal Chamber, František Thurzo, gained the estate. It was his son, who brought fame thanks to the Slovak unique building of Wedding palace. Bytča became a renaissance architecture centre in Slovakia.
Wedding Palace in Bytča
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Wedding Palace in Bytča

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In 1601 he initiated construction of palace in Bytča in the north-west from the mansion. Probably Italian stonemasons Antonio and Andrea Pocabella effected works on it. The building should have been aimed at managing wedding parties of Thurzo´s seven daughters.

Of course, in the course of the building’s 400-yeared history not only weddings used to be held in this place. Upstairs, in the big hall, they used to provisionally store grain and regarding the Palace Inventory from 1627 at ground floor, in the entrance hall, they stored 26 packages of salt, each weighing 160 kilograms. Salt used to be imported from Poland by the Váh river than it used to be stored in Bytča where they sold it. According to the inventory at ground floor there used to be a kitchen and upstairs, in the big hall, there were 11 bulks of grain and other crops stored. Regarding the inventory it is evident that the palace served more purposes than just managing wedding celebrations.

Until the 20th century the palace burnt down four times, later on there were established rental apartments whether offices. In 1948 the Bytča estate was transferred to the State property and in 1963 an artist Ladislav Grnáč became an administrator of the Bytča palace and he restored a northern wall of the Wedding palace. The first extensive reconstruction of the building was done in the course of years 1963 – 1970 and in 1970 it became a national cultural monument. The exhibitory rooms of the Považské museum in Žilina used to be a part of the object.

Since 2002 the Wedding palace has been a proprietary of the Žilina self-governing region, the Považské museum in Žilina has been its administrator. On 23 July 2007 the Committee of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Norwegian Kingdom approved a grant in the amount of 1 065 049 EUR. The agreement on the non-paid-back financial assistance for the project „Restoration of the national cultural monument Wedding palace in Bytča in horizon of years 2007-2009“ has been signed by the Žilina self-governing region and the Governmental Office of the Slovak Republic in 2008. Financial resources from the State budget of the SlovakRepublic represented 15 %. Žilina self-governing region funds expenditures in amount of almost 1 200 000 EUR from own resources.
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Wedding Palace in Bytča
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