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The Museum of Cultures studies and represents the peoples and cultures of the world and records their cultural heritage. The emphasis of the collecting and research activities is documenting present-day cultural phenomena.
Museum of Cultures
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Museum of Cultures

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The exhibitions provide perspectives into both past and present events and the everyday life of peoples throughout the world, as well as in multicultural Finland. The aim of the exhibitions is to provide alternative ways of reviewing the events of the world and also to remind of the existence of small, nearly extinct or repressed peoples and groups.

In addition to the permanent exhibition Fetched from Afar, the museum annually presents one larger and one smaller temporary exhibition. The exhibitions will hold events and during weekends offer guided tours free-of-charge.
Museum of Cultures
Ethnographic collections presenting different cultures in the world. Changing exhibitions and permanent exhibition Fetched from Afar.
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Museum of Cultures
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