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The National Archaeological Museum owns a most remarkable and rich collection of bronze artefacts, which constitutes a distinct permanent collection since 1893.
Zeus or Poseidon of Artemision
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National Archaeological Museum, Athens
44 Patission St.,
10682 Atena

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Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο

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This collection comprises figurines and minor objects, as well as large original bronze statues, such as the Artemision Zeus or Poseidon, the Artemision Jockey, the Antikythera Youth and the Marathon boy. These large metal sculptures are displayed with the Sculpture Collection in order to provide a fuller image of the development of large-scale sculpture. The Metals Collection exhibits include fine works of miniature sculpture and the minor arts, and illustrates their importance for the history and development of ancient art.

The collection occupies five rooms in the north-eastern side of the museum's ground floor (Rooms 36-39). It includes votive offerings, grave gifts and utilitarian objects related to daily life, religion, cult, political institutions, as well as examples of local workshops and various artistic styles, all dating from the ninth century BC to the Roman period. The objects are grouped by provenance, type, date, workshop and function. Instructive material and explanatory texts complete the displays.     
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