Woods / Tree / Man

07.09.2011 - 28.05.2012

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2011 was designated "International Year of the Forests" by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This exhibition at the Museum of Ethnology invites visitors to look at the many different and culturally-defined interactions between man and forests and trees.
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Entrée des visiteurs

Neue Burg
1010 Vienne


Weltmuseum Wien

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With the help of selected subjects arranged in three sections ("The Mystified Forest", "The De-Mystified Forest", and "The Maltreated Forest") the exhibition focuses on the once obvious but now forgotten network of closely intertwined cultural-anthropological relationships that connect man, trees and forests. Since time immemorial woods and trees have formed an integral part of man’s environment. He lived in forests and they were both an integral part of his livelihood and a real-fictitious counterworld.
Kunsthistorisches Museum + Neue Burg: 15,00 / 11,00 EUR

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