Leipzig original - From medieval times until the Battle of Leipzig

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The exhibition ‘Leipzig original’ has been arranged to match the historical rooms surrounding the ballroom and the council chamber on the main floor. With its approximately 1100 exhibits, it enables the visitors to experience the history of the city through its ups and downs.
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Old Town Hall
Markt 1
04109 Leipzig


Altes Rathaus

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The ballroom impresses visitors with its unique portrait gallery of town magistrates from the 17th until the 19th century as well as the large portraits of sovereigns from the Wettin dynasty, among them the famous Electors of Saxony - Augustus the Strong and Moritz. A model of the city of Leipzig measuring approximately 20 square metres and dating from 1823 conveys a three-dimensional image of the city before the fundamental changes made in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the old council chamber, which is considered the most beautiful room in Leipzig, parts of the original furnishing, interior decoration and silverware are on display. It was here in 1723 that Johann Sebastian Bach signed his employment contract as Cantor at St. Thomas School and Director of Music. For visitors particularly interested in music, the world-famous portrait of the composer and other selected items are displayed in an adjoining room. In addition to the glory days of the baroque period, the museum also depicts war and peace in Leipzig: it portrays sieges and sackings and the sufferings of the inhabitants. The historical vaults with their prison cells, torture instruments and execution devices show how criminal law used to be applied.
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