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The Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria in Pula was founded as the initiative of the Istrian County and registered on 12th of May 2008. Today, the Museum owns no museum building but uses as an exhibition space a partially adapted part of the old austro-hungarian military base, later printing and shoe factory in the center of town of Pula, Sv.Ivana 1. The Museum uses all three floors, mainly the first.
MSUI/MACI (Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria), the exhibition space / whole building from the back
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Museum of contemporary Art of Istria


The Museum of Contemporary Art is an institution whose primary task is to perform the museum and gallery activities - the systematic collection, storage, display, documentation and processing of materials, and presentation of primarily contemporary visual art in all its manifestations.
The Istrian County is the founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria. Its former holdings (87 works by contemporary Istrian artists) were the first holdings of the Museum and filled the necessary legislation for the establishment of the Museum. Although this is a valuable collection, it can only be considered the basis for the creation of the Museum's collection, which now has more than 600 units of inventory. The Museum, for their vocation, collects artworks created in the second half of the last century until the latest of recent works following strict criteria. These are: works that are paradigmatic or have yet to be, works that are important to the development of modern art in Istria, Croatia and this part of Europe; the Commission decides on the acquisition of works of art (Gorka Cvajner Ostojić, Mladen Lučić and Ketrin Mijošek Milićević, all Art historians). For now, the four collections have been formed: a Collection of Contemporary Art, a Collection of international art, a Collection of design and posters and a Collection of photographs, film and video.
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria is not a museum of regional enclosed type. It is a type of open meeting place for multiculturalism which is confirmed with the permanent exposure of artists from all meridians and acquisitions of their works. However, the Museum should primarily be the main cultural and art institution for Istrian artists and its collections are based on their works, and on the works of those artists who temporarily or occasionally act or are being displayed on the Istrian peninsula.

Since it doesn't have its own building, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria is situated in a part of so-called Old Printing House. Through dynamic exhibition activities and gradual arrangement of space, it is transformed from Austro-Hungarian army barracks and former industrial building into a location close to nowadays (and probably future) museum function. By gradual architectural redesign, respecting the heritage, the Old Printing House is becoming a representative palace of modern fine arts.

There is also a preliminary sketch (AD - Architecture and Design Ltd. Pula) for a new museum building on an attractive location in Kaštel - the strictest historical center. According to this project MSUI / MACI would be located in the new building, which should also be a monument of modern architecture as well as a representative example of a successful interpolation of new architectural tissue in the oldest (Roman) urban center of Pula.
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Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria
Sv. Ivana 1
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