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Fine art from 1800 to the present day, the Neue Galerie Graz Collection covers a wide range of artistic currents and media. In particular the Neue Galerie Graz has followed developments in international art since the 1960s, with emphasis on the "trigon" countries of Hungary, Italy and ex-Yugoslavia. In the Bruseum the Neue Galerie Graz presents the work of the Styrian artist Günter Brus.
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Since November 2011 the Neue Galerie Graz occupies a large museum building, refurbished to the most modern standards, with an exhibition area of over 2000 square meters. In 1941, the Neue Galerie Graz emerged from the division of the Landesbildergalerie into separate galleries the Alte and Neue Galerie, and since then has taken over the part of the collection that dates from its time of origin in the 19th century to today.

Since the 1960s the Neue Galerie has followed the development of various contemporary artistic positions, and documented them in its collection. The collection’s holdings today include art movements like Biedermeier, Realism, Jugendstil and (regional) forms of classical Modernity, positions of Austrian and international painting after 1945 (including from the so-called “Trigon” countries), Viennese Actionism, Media and Conceptual Art, etc.. The collection has work in different media such as painting, graphic art, poster art, sculpture, photography and video, and contains more than 60,000 objects in total.

A focus within the Neue Galerie Graz is the BRUSEUM, which has a permanent exhibition area and space for its own collection and research, allowing for scientific investigation into the extensive work of Günter Brus.
Joanneum Quarter
The Joanneum Quarter Project (1997–2011)
On November 26, 2011, exactly two hundred years to the day that the Universalmuseum Joanneum was founded – the Joanneum Quarter has been opened. This new cultural centre on a historical plot of land unites the historical museum and library buildings in Rauber-, Neutor- and Kalchberggasse into one architectural entity. Retaining the original character of the individual buildings, the new centre creates an urban piazza for Graz Old Town that is situated above an underground visitors’ centre. The Neue Galerie Graz, the Multimedia Collections and the Styrian State Library commence operations from the day they open at their newly designed location. The Natural History Museum in the Raubergasse building will open early in 2013.
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