Permanent exibition in the Lapidary

exposición permanente


The permanent exibition in the lapidary, in the museum's basement, contains valuable stone fragments, from Roman to Ottoman period, excavated on archaelogical sites in Visoko and surroundings.
Fragment of gothic lintel from Medieval old town Visoki
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The County Museum of Visoko
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Bosnia y Herzegovina 


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Also, there are some credible gypsum replicas, like those of tombstones from Zgošća (Municipality of Kakanj), which originals are in National museum in Sarajevo, and Nespa's plate, which original is also exposed  in National museum in Sarajevo. One of the most valuable exhibits is a fragment of a lintel from old town Visoki, founded in 1994, which probably belongs to the 14th - 15th century, on the locality of Medieval old town Visoki, with gothic architectual elements. Also, there are some examples of columns from Roman period, tombstones from Ottoman period and other valuable exhibits. Very interesting exhibit is a plate with inscription wrote on neshi letter in Turkish, from Davud-paša's old bridge in Visoko. All these artifacts witness that this area was inhabited by centuries, with continuous living.
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