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Road Vehicles is the largest depratment in the entire Museum complex. Today there are 55 automobiles, 50 motorcycles and more than 40 bicycles displayed across 2,300 m2 of exhibition area.
Tito's limousines
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6 (Borovnica)
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In the first hall is an assortment of limousines, which - in addition to their actual value as motor industry heritage - are of great historical significance due to the fact they all belonged to President Tito (1892-1980), premier of  Yugoslavia in the decades that followed WWII.

In the second hall there is a collection of cars, which pre-date the Second World War; many are on long-term loan from the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin, Germany. The collection includes a number of rarities, including the first Ljubljana tram; there is also a 1899 Clemont and a 1906 Piccolo - which also happens to be the oldest surviving car from Slovene territory.

Upstairs is the bicycle collection, which also encompasses an overview of the bicycle’s long evolution.  As regards post-war developments, space is given over to the output of Ljubljana-based Rog cycle company, which is by far this country’s largest and most important bicycle manufacturer.

The motorcycle collection contains typical examples of this particular mode of transport from the beginning of the 20th century onwards. In the years following the Second World War, 50cc motorcycles and mopeds produced by two domestic manufacturers - Rog and Tomos  - rocketed in popularity.

The rich history and development of Slovenia’s motorcycle industry is further expounded in the second part of the motorbike collection entitled Motorcycles from Koper. This portion of the exhibition was established after the Museum took possession of the erstwhile Tomos Institute collection, which comprised of examples of motorcycles and mopeds manufactured by Tomos, a company from Koper on Slovenia’s Adriatic Coast.

The final part of the exhibition contains the collection, which belonged to the now defunct Tovarna Avtomobilov Maribor (TAM), a commercial vehicle manufacturer from Maribor in northeastern Slovenia.

Back downstairs is an exhibition entitled From Pharmacy to Service Station, a joint-venture project undertaken in conjunction with Petrol, this country’s largest supplier of petroleum derivatives (gas-oil). The exhibition addresses the development of fuel provision and distribution in Slovenia during the earliest years of the motor car; the decades following the Second World War focus exclusively on the development of Petrol, which by turnover is the nation’s largest company.
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