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The County Museum of Visoko was founded in 1953. The basic activities of this local museum are researching, collecting, processing, protection and storage of museum holdings of all periods, collected in Visoko and surroundings.
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County Museum of Visoko

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The County Museum of Visoko was founded in 1953. In today's building, the Museum is since 1957. 
The holdings of the Museum includes the museum material collected in Visoko and surroundings and systematized in next collections:

1. Ethnographic collection,
2. Coin collection,
3. Medieval collection,
4. Archaeological collection,
5. Art collection,
6. Geological and paleontological collection,
7. Collection of arms from World war I and II / Aggression against Republic of
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992/95.,
8. Oriental collection,
9. Archives,
10. Library, photography collection

Beside the basic museum activities, like researching, collecting, expert processing, protection and storage of museum holdings, and presentations by exhibitions, the Museum is also registered for scientific research, publishing activity and protection of cultural heritage, objects, material and items of cultural and historical heritage.
The County Museum of Visoko
The building of County museum of Visoko is built in 1902, during the Austro-Hungarian rule. At the begining it was the city's Municipality, called "Beledija". The object is bulit in the specific neo-Moorish style, with it's characteristics like vividness of facade, with dark-light horizontal stripes, pointed arches, floral ornaments and interior's floral wall paintings. The object disposes with several spatial units: lapidary, depot, working place of employees, showroom on the floor, restoration and conservation workshop on the top floor, and other spaces. Also, the Museum has a depandanse - Ethno room/Ethno workshop in Goduša (a village 10 km away from Visoko).
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The County Museum of Visoko
Alije Izetbegovića 29
71300 Visoko
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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