“Volta Temple”


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The “Volta Temple” is the only mausoleum devoted to a Scientist. It was designed by the architect F. Frigerio and presented to the City by F. Somaini in 1928. It includes scientific equipment and many objects relating to the work of the scientist that invented the battery, Alessandro Volta.
Tempio Voltiano/Volta Temple
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“Volta Temple”

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Volta Temple was unveiled in July 1928, as the new seat that might house Volta’s original scientific instruments as well as reconstructions of the instruments destroyed in the 1899 fire during the Great Exhibition mounted for the Centenary of the invention of the battery.
The temple, with its surrounding columns, stands in a square area and consists of a circular room of about 12 metres in diameter that gets its light from the dome crowning it.
The objects displayed are a rich sample collection of tools, machines and instruments that allow the visitor to understand the subjects of Alessandro Volta’s studies and research, from the invention of the battery, to his important contributions in the field of electrophysics, and in the study of gasses and their properties.
Many of the specimens displayed were made by Volta himself, others are instruments dating from the Voltanian period or from the years immediately thereafter.
The upper loggia is dedicated to Volta’s figure, not from the scientific, but from a historical point of view.
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Visitor entrance

Tempio Voltiano
Viale Marconi
22100 Como
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