TECHNOSEUM - State Museum for the History of Technology and Labour


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Since 2010, the "Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit" presents itself under ist new name TECHNOSEUM.
Logo: TECHNOSEUM - State Museum for the History of Technology and Labour

TECHNOSEUM - State Museum for the History of Technology and Labour

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The new name is the last step towards a comprehensive repositioning of the institution as a whole: With a modern special exhibition area and a completely revised permanent exhibition the museum presents itself in a totally new way, offering visitors of every age profound knowledge and exciting experiences.

Beside to the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich and the "Deutsches Technikmuseum" in Berlin the TECHNOSEUM belongs to the largest technical museums in Germany. The history of industrialization is brought to life on approximately 8,000 square meters of exhibition space. The permanent exhibition’s subjects are the developments in natural sciences and technology from the 18th century onwards as well as the industrialization of Germany. Machines and engines are not simply shown to the public, but presented in so-called ensembles, in order to give a vivid impression of former work environments.

Professional Demonstration Engineers explain work procedures and answer the questions of the visitors. They can also become active themselves, for example in the interactive science exhibition “Elementa” in which different experiments provide basic knowledge and show how new findings led to technological inventions, for example in optics, mechanics and electrical engineering. Science and technology are reflected in their respective historical contexts and are, therefore, understandable.

And last but not least: for those who like to catch some fresh air while walking through the museum, the steam locomotive "Eschenau", build in the year 1896, offers short trips into the museum’s park several times a day.

Das Museum wurde 1990 eröffnet. Das avantgardistische Gebäude am Ortseingang der Stadt entwarf die Berliner Architektin Ingeborg Kuhler.
6 / 4 EUR; Familienkarte / Family ticket: 12 EUR
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Museumsstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
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