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Art museum Gösta shows several thematic art exhibitions. The collections are known for the masterpieces of Finnish Golden Age of art as well as old European masters. The Foundation of Fine Arts has also started to collect contemporary art following the example presented by its founder Gösta Serlachius.
Serlachius Museum Gösta
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Serlachius Museum Gösta

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The Pavilion
In summer 2014, beside the Art museum’s manor rose the extension which enables exhibitions larger and more versatile than before. The pavilion trippled the exhibition spaces; now Gösta has a total of 1500 sq.m. exhibition space. The extension contains also modern conservation facitlities, magnificent resturant with a beautiful view, a festive hall and a spacious museum shop.

An international general architectural competition was organised to design the art museum's extension. In total 579 entries from 42 countries were included – largest amount ever in the history of architectural competitions in Finland. MX_SI architectural studio from Spain was chosen a winner.

The Manor
The manor was completed in 1935 as the mill owner Gösta Serlachius' private residence, where he also entertained business aqcuaintances. The first floor of the building designed by Finnish architect Jarl Eklund has served as a museum since 1945. The museum was the seventh art museum in Finland at that time. The entire building was opened as an art museum in 1984. The exhibitions at the Manor showcase the Fine Arts Foundations' own collections and artworks from the Golden Age of Finnish art.

The Park
The art museum is located in a cultural historically valuable and unique milieu by the lake Melasjärvi. The park of Art museum shows a large number of sculpture by Harry Kivijärvi. The arworks were donated to the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation in 2012. From time to time artworks will be exhibited also at the Taavetinsaari Island that can be reached via a new bridge.
Serlachius-museo Gösta
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Serlachius Museum Gösta
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