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The collection of paintings, sculptures and prints by Finnish and foreign artists, mainly works from the1960´s and 1970´s.
Sara Hildén Art Museum
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Sara Hildén Art Museum

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A special collection of Erik Enroth´s early works from 1945 to 1962. Changing exhibitions mainly of modern international art.

The Sara Hildén Art Museum, which is the permanent home of the collection of modern art, Finnish and foreign, owned by the Sara Hildén Foundation, is maintained by the City of Tampere. Sara Hildén Foundation Collection currently amounts to some 4500 works. It is thus a comprehensive collection which presents a broad cross section of the development in modern art over the last forty years.

The Sara Hildén Foundation continues to be responsible for expanding the collection, and places its acquisitions in the art museum.
Sara Hildén Art Museum
The art museum was designed by the Tampere architect Pekka Ilveskoski and associates. The total floor area is some 2,500 square metres, of which 1,500 square metres are used for exhibitions.

The building is situated on a northern slope of the Särkänniemi peninsula overlooking a shoreline of great natural beauty. Good use has been made of the topographical features of the site, with the upper level, from which the building is approached, devoted to offices and galleries for paintings, while sculptures, the coffee room and storage space occupy the lower level. Large windows afford an open view over the grounds with their sculptures and the expanse of Lake Näsijärvi. The Särkänniemi area with its Observation Tower and numerous other attractions is a major Finnish leisured centre.
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Sara Hildén Art Museum
Laiturikatu 13
33230 Tampere
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Closed from 27 January to 7 March 2014.
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