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Fashion, crafts and religion around 70 AD! Flavia Solva was one of the most cultured cities in the Roman province of Noricum, and is the most substantial
Roman archaeological site in Styria. Exhibits from over 100 years of archaeological research give an idea of what ancient life was like, on the very spot where it was lived.
Römermuseum Flavia Solva, Außenansicht
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Roman Museum Flavia Solva

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Located within the territory of the market town of Wagna is Styria’s only Roman city, Flavia Solva. It is also the most important Roman-period archaeological site in Styria. The settlement developed close to an outlying Celtic tribal population (the main community of these so far nameless Celts was presumably on Frauenberg Hill near Leibnitz), and was granted municipal status in 70 AD, under Emperor Vespasian. The native Celtic inhabitants were very receptive to the new influences from Rome, and soon adopted the ways of Roman civilization and culture.

That is proven not only by extensive archaeological finds but also by numerous inscriptions and reliefs that are frequently found in the area around the ancient city, indicating that Flavia Solva was one of the most sophisticated cities in the Roman province of Noricum. The Roman Museum contains selected finds from excavations carried out by the Joanneum in the urban area of Flavia Solva over more than a century. The types of exhibit on show range from everyday utensils via indigenous dress and jewellery to the cult of the dead and the gods worshipped.

The Roman Museum Flavia Solva presents the finds exhibited in immediate proximity to their original historical locations. Supported on six columns, the structure virtually floats above the uncovered ruins of the Styrian Roman city, creating a link between the present day and past
inhabitants of the country.
Roman Museum Flavia Solva
The exhibits could not be any closer to their original locations: the building, supported by six columns, hovers above excavated remains of the Roman city, thereby bridging the gap between the locality’s past and present.
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Roman Museum Flavia Solva
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