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Situated in a turn-of-the-century shipowner's home, the museum presents the seafaring traditions of Rauma in its heyday.
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Rauma Museum, Marela

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The name Marela derives from Abraham Marelin, who owned the house at the end of the 18th century. He was a tradesman and a shipowner, as were the later owners of the house. The shape of the lot and most of the buildings are from the ownership era of the Paqvalin-family, which lasted for almost a hundred years. The neighbouring lot, Jäkäri, was attached to the original lot and in 1825 the new main building was completed.

The large granary is from the year 1830. The carriage shed next to it was built in the mid 18 hundreds. From the 1830’s is also the other roadside building, which originally had storage rooms, as well as the row of outbuildings, which consists of the stable, cowshed and woodshed. During a later renovation a bakery and workers’ quarters were added.
Rauman museo, Marela
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Rauma Museum, Marela, Shipowner´s home
Kauppakatu 24
26100 Rauma
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