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The Town Picture-Gallery houses a collection of Early Medieval and Romanesque sculptures, a collection of paintings executed from the XIV to the XX century, examples of glass window decoration and miniatures and a modern art section with sculptures, paintings and futurist architectural drownings.
Palazzo Volpi/Volpi Palace
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Town Picture-Gallery

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The exhibition of  “Palazzo Volpi”  has four sections:
 - Medieval department, showing sculpture and art works dating back to the Middle, Romanic and Gothic Ages, in order to document the manufacturing and reusing of stones.
- Renaissance area, presenting a unit of  portraits from Paolo Giovio’s  collection of  “Uomini illustri”.
- Historic Art Gallery, introducing holy canvases  from Old Churches and masterpiece given by private collectors after the Civic Museum foundation.
- XX Century section, documenting with paintings, sculptures, photographs and furniture models, the most important steps of creativity of this age, from the Futurism (Antonio Sant’Elia) to the Rationalism (Giuseppe Terragni), passing through the Art Integration movement (Terragni and Radice; Ico Parisi and Radice).
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Palazzo Volpi
Via Diaz, 84
22100 Como
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