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Palazzo Magnani - former residence, dating to the XVI century, of the great collector, writer and musicologist Luigi Magnani - has been purchased twenty years ago by the Province of Reggio Emilia, which has made of it an exhibition Centre equipped with all features to be the venue of important exhibitions.
Palazzo Magnani
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Palazzo Magnani

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As to transport and insurance of the works exhibited, Palazzo Magnani avails itself of primary Companies specialized in the field, both Italian and foreign, giving the utmost guarantees of safety and professionalism.
Where now Corso Garibaldi winds, once the Crostolo was flowing, and the East wall of the sixteenth-century Palazzo Becchi-Magnani, the first news of which dates back to 1608, is made of the stones of the stream later diverted out of the town.
The building had belonged, for a century, to the Becchi Counts, and was later, at the beginning of the Eighteenth century, the property of another titled family, the Chioffi, who in 1841 promoted important restorations, giving the buiding its present shape.

The following events of the building were rather troubled: the property passed to the Cassa di Risparmio (Savings Bank) of Reggio Emilia; in 1877 it was buyed by the Ottavi family who, finally, in 1917 sold it to a landowner from Villa Gaida, Giuseppe Magnani. He was the father of Luigi Magnani (1906-1984) who in 1927 attributes the marble sculpture of the double-headed Janus - set in the south-west corner of the building - to Prospero Sogari called "il Clemente" (1516-1584). Magnani will later be refined art scholar and collector, musicologist and writer. The Janus is then declared of "remarkable artistic interest" in 1935, while the whole building is bound in 1962.

The Province of Reggio Emilia buys Palazzo Magnani in 1989 and starts at once the restoration works, which have been carried out with the unveiling on 26th April 1997. The vocation of prestigious exhibition centre and place of culture of Palazzo Magnani had already revealed itself in 1984, when the Province promoted there the exhibition "Masterpieces of ancient painting from the Magnani-Rocca Foundation". And it has been with one of the most refined artists of the twentieth century, Georges Braque, which Palazzo Magnani has started its exhibition activity, coming up again in the local and national cultural life.
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Palazzo Magnani
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 29-31
42121 Reggio Emilia
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