The Ostenfeld Farmhouse


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The Ostenfeld Farmhouse, which was established as a museum in 1899, is the oldest open air museum in Germany. Magnus Voss (1885 -1905), a teacher from Husum, saved the building built in 1600, for his hometown. At that time, a Danish museum wanted to acquire the property in Ostenfeld and relocate it to an open-air museum in Denmark.

Das Ostenfelder Bauernhaus in Husum
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The Ostenfeld Farmhouse

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The Ostenfeld Farmhouse, a low German half-timbered house, was originally built in the village of Ostenfeld, around 15 km east of Husum. It was formerly known as the Heldt´sches house, named after the Heldt family who owned it at the time. The core structure dates back to 1600 and it was relocated to Husum in 1899. At that time historians and artists were very interested in the building. Bernhard Olsen, employed by the Danish National museum in Copenhagen, was authorised to acquire the farmhouse for the newly created folklore section of the museum. Magnus Voss, a local historian and teacher from Husum learned about his intention and arranged for the house to be bought by the Committee for Art, Science and Monument Protection of the State of Scheswig-Holstein. That is how the oldest German open-air museum came into being.

It is equipped with a traditional stove, the associated household effects and all the farmyard equipment. The "Döns" (parlour) with its carved alcove was added on in 1789 and along with the "Pesel" (reception room) are evidence of the wealth and culture of the farming family in Ostenfeld.
The famous Rotter Last Supper cabinet, dating from 1642 with its numerous carvings is especially noteworthy.

As it is completely at ground level, the building is wheelchair friendly. Our staff are more than happy to be of assistance with thresholds.
Ostenfelder Bauernhaus
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