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The Notranjska museum manages the karst cultural and natural heritage. It preserves and presents movable objects and art crafts of the cultural heritage relating to Postojna, Inner-Karst Region and the wider karst landscape.
Notranjski muzej Postojna na Kolodvorski cesti 3
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Notranjska Museum

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The Notranjska Museum Postojna, now a unit of the institute Knowledge Centre, the public institute, was founded in 1947. The Museum consists of 5 departments: historical, archaeological, biological, ethnological and the restoration workshop. In 2011 the Museum moved to a renewed building where collections are exhibited. Its headquarter is in Postojna and it has venues in Cerknica, Grahovo and Predjama. Since the Notranjska museum was founded in 1947, its curators have gained significant experience in the museological activities, thanks to the organization of 139 exhibitions before the museum’s reorganization in 1990, and 68 museum exhibitions after its renaming as Notranjska museum Postojna.

Museum curators (historians, archaeologists, biologists, ethnologists and conservators), all have relevant musicological education and almost two decades of working experiences in the preparation of exhibitions, in event conferences and lectures organization, in writing, editing and publishing books, as well in many other activities for the promotion of culture and heritage. The museum curators are the creators of some dislocated permanent exhibitions (Vivarium Proteus in Postojna cave, Hunting Collection and Dormouse Museum in Kozarišče etc.). Museum workers have widespread connections and collaborations (exchange of exhibitions, scientific collaborations etc.) with related institutions in the wider region.

The public institute KNOWLEDGE CENTRE was established in 2009 and it consists of 3 units: Adult education centre, Notranjska Museum Postojna and Cultural centre. It takes care of adult education, tourism, culture and other activities for Postojna Municipality and the Inner-Karst Region and performs public service in museums.
Notranjska Museum Postojna
In 1929, the company G. dell'Angelo used projects by the engineer La Jacona to construct a building for the Corps of Carabineers.
After World War II the building maintained the status of a military facility.
Members of the Jugoslav People's Army had left the building in 1991 and it was already showing some signs of decay on account of a relatively long period during which it had been deserted and not used.

In the summer of 2006, renovation work was commenced on the building which used to accommodate the former military headquarters.
During the planning stage of the renovation, the project design and engineering company IZTR projektiranje in inženiring d.o.o. from Ljubljana paid special attention to retaining the original exterior of the building, as a recult of which the building was later proclaimed to be a cultural monument of local importance.
In 2010 in 2011, furnishings were provided and equipment was installed whereby the renovation of the building for needs of the Notranjska Museum Postojna was completed.
odrasli 3,00 / popuščanj 2,00 EUR (skupina 0,50 popust) / Občani Notranjsko-kraške regije, vsako prvo nedeljo v mesecu brezplačno / 8. februar – kulturni praznik, 18. maj – dan muzejev brezplačno /// adult 3,00 / concession 2,00 EUR (group tickets 0,50 discount on the regular price) / First Sunday of every month for the citizens of Inner-Carst region free entrance / 8 Februar, 18 May free entrance
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Notranjska Museum Postojna
Kolodvorska 3
6230 Postojna
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