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The Narva Museum is one of the oldest museums of Estonia. The historical museum was open in Peter I palace shortly after its acquisition by Narva society members of the Big Guild in 1865. The collections of Narva archeological society and items from the House of Peter I were represented in the museum.
The Narva Museum, Narva Castle
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Narva Museum

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August 9, 1913 was the grand opening of the Lavretsovs' museum based on the private collection of the married couple the Lavretsovs. In 1933 Peter I palace and the Lavretsovs' museum were united and the latter became an art and ethnographical museum.

In August 1941 a part of exhibits were evacuated to Leningrad. The other part of the collection was exposed until 1944. During the battles for Narva in 1944 the buildings of the museum were destructed and the exhibits were taken out of the town.

Then the collection was delivered to the Tallinn town museum and to Rakvere and Paide museums. From 1949 the gradual return of the exhibits back to Narva started. July 22, 1950 was the opening of the museum in the garrison tower of the Narva castle. July 22, 1983 was the opening of the town museum filial - the museum of Krenholm's history, which was closed in April 1992. In 1986 the first stage of the Narva castle's renovation finished. The Long Hermann tower and the western and southern wings of the castle were open for visitors. In 1989 was opened the exposition reflected the period from 13th until 18th cc. In 1991 was the opening of the Art Gallery in the building of 18th century. In December 1996 was the opening of the new exposition (embraced 18th and 19th cc) in the northern wing of the castle.
Narva Castle
Although the exact date of Narva castle still arguments between historians, they argee with the sequence of events. Firstly, of about 13th century, the Danes, who had conquered Northern Estonia, built a wooden border stronghold. Following several conflicts with the Russians, the Danes started building a stone stronghold at the beginnig of 14th century.
Immediately after the storghold had passed over to the Livonian Order, construction works began in the stronghold that lasted with breaks untel the 16th century, during which it aquired almost the same appearance as it has today.
Hermab castle was damaged during the Second World war. Renovation  was begun in 1950s. Today former military objects serve the town's inhabitants and visitors: the Narva Museum is situated in the castle.
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Narva Castle
St.-Peterburi mnt. 2
20308 Narva
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