National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill


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Under the name National Liberation Memorial, the memorial was built in the years 1928 – 1938 in honour of the Czechoslovak legionaries; it was re-built and extended after the end of the WW2 in order to commemorate the second – anti-Nazi resistance.
National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill
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National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill

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After 1948, it was used to promote national ideology and regime. Prominent representatives of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia were buried here. The mausoleum of Klement Gottwald was established here in 1953. The Memorial slowly started to be forgotten. After 1989, all of the remains buried here were taken away, however, for a long time particular utilisation was a subject of discussion.

In 2001, the Vítkov National Memorial became part of a government resolution on rehabilitation and reconstruction of some memorials related to Czechoslovak history of the 20th century. It came under the management of the National Museum, which prepared its reconstruction and rehabilitation. After over two years of reconstruction, the Memorial was opened to the public on October 29, 2009.

Part of the newly reconstructed Memorial includes an exhibition hall, which will be used for temporary exhibitions accompanying the permanent exhibition. Other new features open to the public include a café on the second floor and a viewing platform on the roof, open under special conditions. The Memorial includes a signifiant amount of audio visual attractions and singnage in Czech and English.
Národní památník na Vítkově
Whole object: Basic 120 CZK, Reduced 80 CZK / Exposition: Basic 80 CZK, Reduced 60 CZK / View point on the roof: Basic 80 CZK, Reduced 50 CZK
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National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill
U Památníku 1900
13000 Prague
Czech Republic
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10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
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