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The Museum proudly presents valuable artefacts from the 13th c. until today – furniture, textiles, silverware, jewellery, utensils and porcelain figurines, majolica, stoneware and faience, glassware, tin ware, clocks, parade weapons and dress.
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Museum of Applied Arts

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The objects are mainly of European origin, with artefacts from the Middle and Far East also present. Contemporary rare artefacts make up a separate collection.

Museum of Applied Arts has since 1965 been located in a partly reconstructed former Royal Castle (the collections are also housed in the other branches of the National Museum in Poznań).
Museum of Applied Arts
The former Royal Castle in Poznan is the site of the Branch of the National Museum. Erected in 1249, initially as a residential tower of the Poznan Prince Przemysl I.

It was extended by Przemysl II ca. 1294 - 1331 as a palatium (palace), and completed by Kazimierz Wielki, who before ascending to the throne was a governor in Poznan.

The Castle hosted many times Kings Wladyslaw Jagiello and Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk, who also held court ceremonies here.

Since the 14th century the Castle was also the seat of the royal governor - the General Starost of Wielkopolska. Since the 16th century the Castle was also the site of the "borough" - borough's chancellery, borough's court and an archive gathering documents related to the land trade of the local landed gentry, posthumous inventories of the gentry, as well as ordinances and protests of conventions and assemblies.

In the Prussian occupied territory this was the seat of the higher court of appeal, and in 1869 also the headquarters of the State Archive, which remained in the building until 1945.

In 1885 the German Historical Society was established which gathered its collection in the Castle; the objects laid the foundations of the Museum of the Province, founded in Poznan in 1894 (since 1902 the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum).

After the destruction during World War II the building was only partly rebuilt. In 1965 the Museum of Arts and Crafts, a branch of the National Museum, was set up and in 1991, on account of the extension of the character of the collections and the change of the exhibit, the museum was renamed into the Museum of Applied Arts.

This is a one-storey building, with road access on three sides, built along five axes, with a basement. The permanent museum exhibit is located in the halls of the ground and the first floor, while the basement has two halls for temporary exhibitions. Objects on show are presented in a chronological order, from the Middle Ages through the present.
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Museum of Applied Arts
Góra Przemysła 1
61-768 Poznań
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Museum is closed for visitors due to construction works. / Muzeum zamknięte dla zwiedzających z powodu prac budowlanych.

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