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The Most Holy Redeemer Church is the family vault and burial place of the great Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962).
Muzeji Ivana Meštrovića - Crkva Presvetog Otkupitelja
© Muzeji Ivana Meštrovića
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As stated in the 1952 contract of donation between Ivan Meštrović and the People’s Republic of Croatia, the Most Holy Redeemer Church - the Meštrović family vault - became a part of Ivan Meštrović’s legacy (as did certain buildings in Zagreb and Split). The building was designed to function as a church, as a burial place for the Meštrović family, and as a public place open to visitors.
The interior design, created by Meštrović and his students, exudes the harmony and pure shapes in the Art Deco style. The lateral walls, opening in alternating rectangular and semicircular niches, are decorated with reliefs of the evangelists, Nativity and Lamentation scenes, while the naked body of the Eternally Crucified borne on seraph wings is displayed above the altar. The dome arch, originally conceived as a mosaic and then as a fresco, is unfinished. Plywood boards with representations of the Redeemer (oil), Moses, the Sphynx, and Archangels (charcoal and crayon) have been attached to the dome crown.
A new building to receive visitors was constructed at the foot of the hill.
The Most Holy Redeemer Church
The building, featuring clean geometrical shapes and topped with a dome, was designed by Meštrović to have memorial, artistic, and sacral qualities. The plan was brought into effect by architects Harold Bilinić and Lavoslav Horvat, and builder Marin Marasović. The building works lasted from 1926 to 1931, while the equipping of the church (door, bell, reliefs, interior and exterior design, and the church inventory) continued until 1937. The building, however, has remained unfinished (the iconographic and visual design of the dome has not been put into effect yet). The church accentuates the hill rising above Petrovo Polje, where the view extends over ploughfields and the River Čikola, not far from the Meštrović family house in Otavice.
Adults: 2 ,00 EUR / Pupils: 1,50 EUR. Members of ICOM, HMD, academy and history of art students: free admission
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The Most Holy Redeemer Church
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