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The mission of the Meštrović Atelier is to preserve and protect the studio and garden of the former residence of Ivan Meštrović at Mletačka 6, along with displaying some of the artist's most significant works.
Atelijer Meštrović
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Ivan Meštrović Museums - Meštrović Atelier

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The Meštrović atelier is an attractive memorial and exhibition site located in Zagreb’s Upper Town, close to St. Mark’s Church.

The atelier is an authentic recreation of what was once the home and studio of the world-famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962).

Meštrović studied in Vienna and lived, worked, and exhibited in the cultural centres of Europe and the USA: Rome, Paris, Prague, London, Cannes, Geneva, Zagreb, Split, Chicago, New york, and other places. His works can be found in all of these cities today. He was the fi rst Croatian artist ever to exhibit his work at the Victoria & Albert Museum in london (1915) and the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York (1947).

After completing his studies in Vienna Meštrović travelled to Paris, Rome, Cannes, and London. In 1919, as an already successful and recognised sculptor, he resolved to return to his homeland. He purchased three plots of land with 17th century houses in Zagreb’s Upper Town and in the course of several years, commissioned extensive work on rebuilding and remodelling the houses to make them suitable for his home and work space. The work on the houses was entrusted to the architects Viktor kovačić, Harold Bilinić, and Drago Ibler, acting in concordance with Meštrović’s desires and instructions.
The elegant building was turned into a home for him, his wife Olga, and their children. They remained in this home until 1942 when the artist left the country.

The complex in the Upper Town’s Mletačka ulica (street) comprises the family’s living quarters, the atrium, the artist’s atelier, a garden, and the collection. The entire estate and its collection were donated by Meštrović in a contract made in 1952 as part of the bequest he left to his homeland. The bequest also includes the family villa with ateliers in Split (Meštrović Gallery), the religious complex Crikvine-Kaštilac in Split, and the family tomb within The Most Holy Redeemer Church in otavice. The initial Meštrović atelier donation comprised some 147 artefacts but has grown over time to 300 items. a certain number of sculptures and drawings are family property.

The display is organized in a way that tries to respect the original function of the premises. However, the chief intention of the restoration work done in the atrium, atelier, and garden in 1962 and 1963 was to build a modern exhibition space for the sculptures on display. The remodelling work on the living quarters, completed in 1968 and 1969, preserves the original appearance, atmosphere, and specifi c ambience of the artist’s home.
Meštrović Atelier
After having completed his studies in Vienna and after having lived in Paris, Rome, Cannes, and London, Ivan Meštrović returned to his homeland in 1919 as an acclaimed and successful artist. In 1920, he bought three parcels with houses dating from the late 17th century. The property was situated at numbers 6, 8, and 10 Mletacka Street in the historic centre of the city of Zagreb - the Upper Town. Within the following few years, he undertook some additional building work on the houses and decorated the premises to be his home and working area. The architects Viktor Kovacic, Harold Bilinic, and Drago Ibler, and the builders Stjepan Ursic, Josip Zanko, and Josip Aljinovic helped him with his projects. The result was a representative construction, which became a home to Ivan Mestrovic, his second wife Olga, born Kestercanek, and their children Marta, Tvrtko, Marica, and Mate. They lived there until 1942, when Ivan Mestrovic left the country.
Adults: 4,00 EUR / School children, students, senior citizens: 2,00 EUR. ICOM and HMD members, students of academies of fine arts, museology, and art history (a membership card or student’s booklet required): free admission
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Meštrović Atelier
Mletačka 8
10000 Zagreb
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