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The Zeughaus museum reopened in 2007. On three floors it shows nearly all aspects of art and cultural history, from "Ancient Worlds" to Mannheim city history and modern photography.
In der Ausstellung "Stadtgeschichte und Naturraum"
© Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Foto: Jean Christen
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Zeughaus museum

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As the main rem facility, the Zeughaus houses on 6.000 m² of exhibit floor space the art and cultural history collections, the theater and music history collections, a section on Mannheim and geographic region’s history, the antiquities collection and the International Photography Forum newly established in 2001. The “House for Every Sense” opens doors for visitors to a world of cultural history experiences. A “holistic” exhibit concept within an overarching exhibit architecture enables visitors to experience the diversity and uniqueness of these collections.
Apart from making the world experiencable through installations and focusing on individuals who relate history, visitors’ senses are stressed: Touch, smell, hearing and hands-on experiments are intended to make history graspable. The stories organized narratively around an object and the exhibit itself can be discovered by association (chance, play), surprise (discovery, arousing curiosity) and questions (exploration, learning, knowledge). Systematic use of media supports the exhibits and their stories without pushing them into the background.
Museum Zeughaus C5
collections: 2,50/2,00/6-18y 1,50 EUR; exhibitions: 12,00/8,00/6-18y 5,00 EUR
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Museum Zeughaus C5
68159 Mannheim
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11:00 - 18:00
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