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Based on the plans of the architect Carlfried Mutschler and the artist Erwin Bechtold, a new building for the archeology, non-European cultures and natural history collections was constructed on square D5 in 1988.
Museum Weltkulturen D5
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World Cultures Museum

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The Exhibit „HumanTime“ – Stories of the Emergence of early humankind presents the Stone Age as the first archeologically traceable epoch. It invites visitors into an experiencable
Space that makes the life and social milieu of people from the distant past accessible.
What was life like for our forefathers, 200.000 years ago? Or even 2 million years ago? How long has it been since mankind came into experience and what did the first humans look like? What were the first tools and who produced them? When did men’s interest in art and religion begin?
Based on unique finds and the museums own extraordinary and rich collection, “HumanTime” shows us where we come from.
Museum Weltkulturen D5
collections: 2,50/2,00/6-18y 1,50 EUR; exhibitions: 12,00/8,00/6-18y 5,00 EUR
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Museum Weltkulturen D5
68159 Mannheim
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