Museum Tucher Mansion with Hirsvogel Hall


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The world of the major merchant families and of the noble Patricians comes to life again in the Museum Tucher Mansion.
Museum Tucherschloss und Hirsvogelsaal
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Museum Tucher Mansion with Hirsvogel Hall

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This garden residence, completed in 1544, was used not only for business deals, but sumptuous parties were also celebrated here in former years. It almost seems as if the former residents had just gone out for a walk.
Apart from valuable furniture and tapestries, the museum presents the famous Tucher Ewers, especially enamelled in Limoges, as well as a silver double goblet created by Wenzel Jamnitzer and a portrait of Hans VI. Tucher, painted by Albrecht Dürer's teacher, Michael Wolgemut.
With the re-creation of the Hirsvogel Hall, Nuremberg's "Renaissance Island" was complete. After the destruction of World War II, and the 'temporary' storage of the hall's furnishings for decades, the famous hall found a new home in the redesigned gardens of the Tucher Mansion.
The sumptuous interior decoration created by Peter Flötner, with its Renaissance elements of Italian origin which were then very unusual for Nuremberg, was restored in its original style. The large ceiling painting depicting the "Downfall of Phaeton", painted on 20 separate canvasses by Dürer's pupil, Georg Pencz, was thoroughly restored.
By the way, the former mistress of the house guides visitors through both the Museum Tucher Mansion and the Hirsvogel Hall in person: every Sunday afternoon and by arrangement, "Katharina Tucher" talks in vivid detail about life and parties in a Renaissance Patrician household.
Museum Tucherschloss und Hirsvogelsaal
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Museum Tucher Mansion and Hirsvogel Hall
Hirschelgasse 9-11
90403 Nuremberg
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