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The Geological Museum was founded in 1857. It was the first Museum dedicated to geology and archaeology in Portugal, and it's situated in an ancient convent in one of the most typical quarters of Lisbon: Bairro Alto.

Museu geológico / Geological Museum
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Geological Museum

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The Geological Museum began to be formed around 1859, from specimens collected in the work of the Geological Committee, and later, the Geological Survey of Portugal and the Geological and Mining Institute.

The collection of samples, fossils, rocks, minerals and archaeological objects, due in large part, to the pioneers of geology Portuguese Carlos Ribeiro, Nery Delgado, Pereira da Costa, Paul Choffat and others. These samples are, today, reference collections serving the scientific community, being constantly consulted by national and foreign researchers.

The Geological Museum is located, so in the birthplace Geology and Archeology in Portugal, which gives it a unique value in the context of national history of science.
Geological Museum
The geological Museum is istalled on the 2nd floor ot the former Convent of Our Lady of Jesus of the Third Order Of St. Francisco, in the heart of the historical center of lisbon, close to Bairro Alto.

The arrangement of collections, his furniture and interior architecture exhibition reflected in much the kind of XIX century museology, that has left few in Europe, which makes it regarded by experts as a "Museum of Museums".

Keeping these characteristics has been to update the display and improve their pedagogical aspects in view, too, students from public schools and non-specialist.

5,00 / 2,50 EUR / Menores de 10 anos grátis (under 10y free)
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Geological Museum
Rua da Academia das Ciências, 19 -2º
1200-003 Lisbon
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