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The History Museum “Giuseppe Garibaldi” testify Risorgimento fights and has a notable collection of costumes and textiles, which represents the fashion of the XVIII - XIX centuries. It houses also ceramics, manuscripts, and medals, that illustrate many aspects of the quality of life in the region.
Palazzo Olginati/Olginati Palace
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History Museum “Giuseppe Garibaldi

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The History Museum “Giuseppe Garibaldi” is housed in Palazzo Olginati, which dates back to the XV century. This Palace was donated to the City of Como thanks to the devise of the last descendant of the family, Carlotta Olginati, on the condition that a museum named Giuseppe Garibaldi would be established inside, to recall his stay in 1866; the Museum was inaugurated in 1932.
The exhibition is divided in two departments: the Risorgimento and Modern History and the Ethnography and Art Gallery.
In the first section weapons, paintings, medals, military equipment, photographs testify the anti-Austrian revolt in 1848, the battle of San Fermo (1859), the character of Garibaldi and other war events till the World Wars.
The second part shows Ethnographic objects, evidence of various levels of local culture, such as clothes, accessories and handmade objects. Two rooms, that do not form part of the circuit, hold lace and embroidery, with items dating from the XVII to the XIX century.
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Palazzo Olginati
Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 1
22100 Como
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