The Museum of the Roman Centuriation


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The archaeological materials come from all over roman land division area to N-E of Padua. The collection exhibitied in the museum covers various themes: land division, agriculture and livestock, house, domestic activities, economy activities.
Il Centro Civico di Borgoricco che ospita il Museo
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The Museum of the Roman Centuriation

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The archaeological materials on display come from all over the land division area. The Museum's collection has recently grown with the addition of new objects from archaeological digs conducted in Borgoricco in collaboration with the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of the Veneto Region and financed by private donations, the Municipality of Borgoricco and the Veneto Region. Some of these new objects are of particular importance for their quality, such as the bronze scrapers, or for their uniqueness, such as the splendid architectural terracotta slabs decorated with plant motifs in relief.
The Museum of the Roman Centuriation
The Museum of the Roman Centuriation  is located in the Borgoricco Civic Center which was designed by the famous architect Aldo Rossi.

The building consists of a triple-height entrance foyer, a large circular theatre with a capacity of 300 seats on three different levels, with two galleries, multipurpose rooms on the ground floor, four exhibition rooms on the first floor of the museum and storerooms.
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The Museum of the Roman Centuriation
Viale Europa 12
35010 Borgoricco
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09:00 - 12:30
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Wed, Fri, Sat closed from 12:30 to 3 pm.
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From 10th June to 10th September 2013: OPENING ONLY WITH BOOKING
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