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The Museum shows the most important aspects of Riccione and its surrounding territory dating back from prehistory to Roman times. The human presence is documented by strictly relating it to the evolution of the territory using also illustrations and vivid reconstruction of real life.
Sala del Museo inerente al tema delle necropoli di età romana
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Museum of the Territory

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A visit to the Museum is a fascinating journey through geological time. From the first introductory stage which shows the origin and evolution of life on Earth, one moves to the geological structure of the territory with a rich collection of fossils, rocks and minerals. The skeletal remains of a huge prehistoric bison, elephants, bears, deer, rhinoceroses, megaceroses which lived in the region thousands of years ago, lead to the section dedicated to the first evidence of human life on Earth.
The Palaeolithic period, the first Neolithic stable settlements and the metal age are well documented with objects in stone, bone, ceramics, metal etc. which come from the prehistoric villages of Riccione and its immediate surrounding areas.
The expository layout of the Museum ends with the conquest and colonisation of the territory by the Romans. Items both from the important settlement of San Lorenzo in Strada on the old consular Via Flaminia (balsam phials, oil lamps, toilet items, coins etc.) and from the villas and the productive centres of the region are exhibited. The Museum of the Territory is located inside the Cultural Centre of the Pesa.
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Centro culturale della Pesa
Via Lazio, 10
47838 Riccione
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